Monday, November 26, 2007

Updated Links

I have some new links which my brother has graciously updated for the Blog. As usual, you will also find these links at the Power Records Pages Site.

Monster Series pdf files
PR-15 - Dracula - Terror In The Snow.pdf
PR-17 - The Curse of The Werewolf.pdf

Batman - Volume 2 (192kbps)
Bat-Man Theme (Stereo)
Robin Meets Man-Bat
Mystery Of The Scarecrow's Corpse
Gorilla City
Catwoman's Revenge
Batman Theme (Reprise)

Thanks again to my brother Andrew and enjoy the downloads!

Power Records Plaza
Power Records Pages

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Refreshed Links and Jaws of The Shark

There is a refreshed link for Batman, and new to the blog, The Jaws of The Shark album. Thanks to my brother Andrew for doing the uploads to Enjoy!

02 Stacked Cards.MP3

01 Jaws of The Shark.mp3

02 The Sacred Killer Shark.mp3

03 Treasure of The Sharks.mp3

Monday, October 01, 2007

More High Quality MP3s

Here are all three Superman albums at 320kbps, thanks to my brother Andrew. Again, all of these audio files are from

Superman - Volume 1 - 320kbps
01 Alien Creatures.MP3

02 Weatherspoon's Catalyst.MP3

03 P.O. Box 65.MP3

04 Mystery of The Mad Minnows.MP3

Superman - Volume 2 - 320kbps
01 The Best Cop In The World.MP3

02 The Mxyzptlk Up Menace.MP3

03 Tomorrow The World.MP3

Superman - Volume 3 - 320kbps
01 The Man From Krypton.MP3

02 City Under Siege.MP3

03 The Killer Bees.MP3

04 Star of Bangalore.MP3

As usual, these are all also added to the right side column of the blog.

Power Records Plaza,
Power Records Pages.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Uploads to mediafire

This time, three new versions of Power Records albums, all at 320kbps for better sound. Enjoy!

Kojak - 320kbps
01 A Question of Honor.MP3

02 Five Star Final.MP3

03 Tourist Trap.MP3

04 The Prodigal Son.MP3

Laurel & Hardy - 320kbps
01 Chiller Thriller Diller.MP3

02 On The Move Movers.MP3

03 Flip-Top Tip-Top Secret.MP3

04 Lucky Ducky Buckeroos.MP3

05 Whipper-Snapper Snoopers.MP3

06 Super Duper Sleuths.MP3

07 Closing.MP3

The Justice League of America - 320kbps
01 Justcie League Song.MP3

02 Wonder Woman - The Return of Brunhilde.MP3

03 Plastic Man - The Invasion of The Plastic Men.MP3

04 Metamorpho - Fumo The Fire Giant.MP3

05 Aquaman - The Defeat of The Dehydrator.MP3

06 The Flash - The Three Faces of Mr. Big.MP3

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Uploads

My Brother continues to create higher resolution audio downloads for the Power Records Pages website, as well as here at the Power Records Plaza. Enjoy!

BR-522 Star Trek (320kbps)
01 The Crier In Emptiness.mp3

02 Passage To Moauv.mp3

8180 - Conan (320kbps)
01 The Jewel of The Ages.MP3

02 Shadow of The Stolen City.MP3

03 The Thunder Dust.MP3

04 The Crawler In The Mists.MP3

8165 - Wonder Woman (320kbps)
01 Wonder Woman vs The War God.mp3

02 The Secret of The Magic Tiara.mp3

03 The Amazons From Space.mp3

8199 - Superhero Christmas
01 Light Up The Tree, Mr. President.mp3 (192kbps)

02 Christmas Carol Caper.mp3 (128kbps)

03 Prisoner of Christmas Island.mp3 (192kbps)

8208 - Six Million Dollar Man Christmas (192kbps)
01 The Toymaker.mp3

02 The Kris Kringle Caper.mp3

03 Christmas Lights.mp3

04 Elves Revolt.mp3

8186 - Six Million Dollar Man (320kbps)
01 Operation Deep Freeze.MP3

02 The Haiti Connection.MP3

03 The Loch Ness Syndrome.MP3

04 To Win An Oscar.MP3

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Files at 320kbps!

My Brother Andrew continues to upload more files at a higher resolution. Check these out...

Here is Space 1999 Volume 2 at 320kbps

01 Return To The Beginning

02 End of Eternity

03 Dragon's Domain
04 If Played So Softly On The Ear

Now, here is The Incredible Hulk
01 Black Chasm

02 Monster From The Deep

03 The Assassin

These files are also at the same speed in the right hand column. Enjoy!

Here is the Comic Book for The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four - The Way It Began - zip

Monday, September 24, 2007


I recently got this comment requesting some of the literary stories the Power Records Produced...

"In addition to the Literary Comics downloads, do you have any information on the adaptations of MOBY DICK, GULLIVER'S TRAVELS and LAST OF THE MOHICIANS?"

I wish I could say that I had those stories for posting, but I have never been able to track them down yet. I will certainly have anothe look around the Power Records Plaza for them. Perhaps someone out there could pass them along by uploading to a file hosting service, like

Power Records Plaza,
Power Records Pages.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Batman and Monster Series

New Uploads of Batman and The Monster Series in Higher Quality Sound.

Batman - Volume 1 - (8155) - 320kbps
01 Batman Theme.MP3

02 Stacked Cards.MP3

03 The Mystery of The Scarecrow's Mirages.MP3

04 Challenge of The Catwoman.MP3

A Story of Dracula, The Wolfman And Frankenstein.mp3 - 192kbps

Dracula - Terror In The Snow.mp3 - 192kbps

Frankenstein - The Monster of Frankenstein.MP3 - 320kbps

Man-Thing - Night of The Laughing Dead.mp3 - 192kbps

The Werewolf - The Curse of The Werewolf.MP3 - 320kbps

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Updates: Spider-Man and GI Joe

The Amazing Spider-Man and Friends #8146 (192kbps)
This album was released twice. Once in Stereo and then again in Mono, with "The Incredible Hulk-At Bay" missing. These four downloads represent the album in Stereo at 192kbps. Special Thanks to the Scar Stufff blog, who originally hosts these files.

Spider-Man: The Mark of The Man-Wolf

The Incredible Hulk At Bay

The Fantastic Four: The Way It Began

Captain America and The Falcon: And A Phoenix Shall Arise

Spider-Man - Volume 2 (320kbps)
Invasion Of The Dragon Men

Return of The Conquistador

The Mad Hatter Of Manhattan

The Abominable Showman

The Bells Of Doom

GI Joe (Peter Pan Records, 1973)
These files are presently being hosted by Sean Huxter, 3-D Animator. Special Thanks to him for hosting these files.

GI (Contains All 4 Tracks!)

Secret Mission to Spy Island #1965

The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb #1966

The search for the Stolen Idol #1967

Rescue From Adventure Team Headquarters #1968

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yes, More Comic Books

I do want to mention again that these files have been distributed by members of the Yahoo! Group, The Power Records Project. My brother continues to upload these files. This time, files in the fom of .zip files. These, like the rest, are being added to that growing list of downloads on the right. Enjpy!

Monster Series
A Story of Dracula, The Wolfman & Frankenstein
The Monster of Frankenstein

GI Joe
The Rescue From Adventure Team Headquarters (PR-1968).zip
The Search For The Stolen Idol (PR-1962).zip
The Secret Mission To Spy Island (PR-1965).zip
The Secret of The Mummy's Tomb (PR-1966).zip

Power Records Plaza,
Power Records Pages.

More Comic Books

My Brother Andrew has been busy uploading more files to website and as usual, I do my best to mirror things here on the blog. There are several pdf files of Power Records here, as well as some that we collected that are zip files of the comics containing jpg images of the comics. Enjoy!

BR-512 - Gorilla City & The Mystery of The Scarecrow Corpse.pdf
PR-27 - Stacked Cards.pdf
PR-30 - Robin Meets Man-Bat.pdf

PR-10 - Mark of The Man-Wolf.pdf
PR-24 - Invasion of The Dragon-Men.pdf

Star Trek
BR-513 - A Mirror For Futility.pdf
PR-25 - Passage To Moauv.pdf
PR-26 - The Crier In Emptiness.pdf
PR-45 - Dinosaur Planet.pdf
PR-46 - Robot Masters.pdf

Wonder Woman
BR-517 - Wonder Woman vs The War God & Amazons from Space.pdf
PR-35 - The Secret of The Magic Tiara.pdf

PR-31 - Crawler In The Mists.pdf
PR-36 - Birth of A Hero.pdf

Literary Adventures
PR-37 - Robin Hood.pdf
PR-39 - Huckleberry Finn.pdf
PR-40 - Davey Crockett.pdf
PR-41 - Robinson Crusoe.pdf
PR-42 - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.pdf

Power Records Plaza,
Power Records Pages

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Important Updates

I have now added a new page to my Power Records Pages website where you can now download the Comic Books which came with many Power Records as .pdf files, which many fans of Power Records on the internet have created. These files have been gathered over the past several months from members of the Yahoo! Group, The Power Records Project. A special thanks to my brother Andrew for uploading these files. He is also going to be the one who does uploads for the site, now that he has a faster internet connection than myself. There are several pdf files ready for your viewing pleasure on the Downloads page for Comic Books. Enjoy!

The newer files which Andrew is posting to are better quality mp3 files than before. With a bit rate of 320kbps, you will notice a sound improvement in the files. They will however, take longer to download. This higher bitrate however, will only apply to those files which Andrew and I have created from our own copies of the records. Several files will remain at a lower bitrate, since they were created by others on the internet. A special thanks to Andrew for his contribution to the Power Records Pages.

These files are also being hosted here for your convenience. You will see them added to the right hand side of this blog as well.

04 The Abominable Showman.MP3

PR-18 - Planet of The Apes - Part 1.pdf
PR-18 - Planet of The Apes - Part 2.pdf
PR-18 - Planet of The Apes - Part 3.pdf

PR-20 - Beneath The Planet of The Apes - Part 1.pdf
PR-20 - Beneath The Planet of The Apes - Part 2.pdf
PR-20 - Beneath The Planet of The Apes - Part 3.pdf

PR-19 - Escape From The Planet of The Apes - Part 1.pdf
PR-19 - Escape From The Planet of The Apes - Part 2.pdf
PR-19 - Escape From The Planet of The Apes - Part 3.pdf

PR-21 - Battle For The Planet of The Apes - Part 1.pdf
PR-21 - Battle For The Planet of The Apes - Part 2.pdf
PR-21 - Battle For The Planet of The Apes - Part 3.pdf

Monster Series
PR-15 - Dracula - Terror In The Snow.pdf
PR-16 - Man-Thing - Night of The Laughing Dead.pdf
PR-17 - The Curse of The Werewolf.pdf

BR-518 - Kojak.pdf

Power Records Pages
Power Records Plaza

Sunday, June 24, 2007

All New Album and Upgrades!
I have recieved some new files from a donor who has not only passed along an upgrade of the A Super Hero Christmas Album, but he also made the Six Million Dollar Man's Christmas Album available for the very first time here!

A Super Hero Christmas - 8199 Now at 192kbps!
Superman: Light Up The Christmas Tree, Mr. President (192kbps)
Batman: The Christmas Carol Caper (192kbps)
Wonder Woman: Prisoner Of Christmas Island (192kbps)

Six Million Dollar Man's Christmas (8208 - 192kbps)
First Time Available!
The Toymaker
The Kris Kringle Caper
The Elves Revolt
Christmas Lights

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All New: The Power Records Pages!

Since, I last updated this blog, I turned my old Power Records Discography Page into the All New Power Records Pages Website. The site contains Cover Art, A Downloads Page, a Discography, a Cover Art Page, an About Me Page, a Privacy Policy and there is even a link to a Guest Book.

Home Page
Site Map
Cover Art
About Me
Privacy Policy

Since I am finally getting around to updating my links page, you will probably want to check that out as well. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have added any new Power Records stuff on the internet. I am hoping a can create a complete list of links as possible, but it will take time to add them all.

Shawn, webmaster,
Power Records Pages

Friday, January 26, 2007

Secret Cavern of Read Along Adventures

I made a mistake before stating that Ryan of Nevada had put together the "Invasion of the Dragon Men" movie on youtube. The creator of this file is Matt and he has a very special series of downloads that I think all power records fans are going to appreciate. These files have the audio along with the comic book together as a kind of movie.

The Secret Cavern of Read Along Treasures

So far, his site contains the two Power Records files for your downloading and viewing pleasure.

As Movies:
The Incredible Hulk at Bay
Planet of The Apes

There are other cool power records downloads there so go and take a look! He is planning to do more of these as time goes on. So keep an eye on his site and here for the latest developments!
Thanks, Matt!

Friday, January 05, 2007

More Superman

Someone has passed along the "Mxyzptlk Up Menace". Unfortunately, I think I have deleted the email from that person and I can't find their name to give them credit! If you are the one who passed these files on, please feel free to let me know!

The Mxyzptlk Up Menace, Part One
The Mxyzptlk Up Menace, Part Two

Special thanks to our donor for this file download. Enjoy!