Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New File Upload Service

I have decided not to use the www.yourfilelink service any longer. There seems to be some problems and the service just isn't reliable anymore. I am now going to use the service for a while and see how it goes. The downloads at www.yourfilelink ar all fine. The uploading is what is causing me trouble, so you will continue to see the vast majority of downloads from www.yourfilelink here for quite some time. If you want to upload files for the blog, I suggest you use will now find the following uploads:

YES!! The complete Wonder Woman LP in 192kbps Stereo from an album I got a flea market! With a little loving care, here is the complete LP!
Wonder Woman vs. The War God
Secret Of The Magic Tiara
The Amazons From Space

A fan contributed this beautiful reproduction of the Spider-Man story
The Invasion of The Dragon Men.pdf
The Invasion of The Dragon Men.pdf