Monday, October 01, 2007

More High Quality MP3s

Here are all three Superman albums at 320kbps, thanks to my brother Andrew. Again, all of these audio files are from

Superman - Volume 1 - 320kbps
01 Alien Creatures.MP3

02 Weatherspoon's Catalyst.MP3

03 P.O. Box 65.MP3

04 Mystery of The Mad Minnows.MP3

Superman - Volume 2 - 320kbps
01 The Best Cop In The World.MP3

02 The Mxyzptlk Up Menace.MP3

03 Tomorrow The World.MP3

Superman - Volume 3 - 320kbps
01 The Man From Krypton.MP3

02 City Under Siege.MP3

03 The Killer Bees.MP3

04 Star of Bangalore.MP3

As usual, these are all also added to the right side column of the blog.

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