Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Updates: Spider-Man and GI Joe

The Amazing Spider-Man and Friends #8146 (192kbps)
This album was released twice. Once in Stereo and then again in Mono, with "The Incredible Hulk-At Bay" missing. These four downloads represent the album in Stereo at 192kbps. Special Thanks to the Scar Stufff blog, who originally hosts these files.

Spider-Man: The Mark of The Man-Wolf

The Incredible Hulk At Bay

The Fantastic Four: The Way It Began

Captain America and The Falcon: And A Phoenix Shall Arise

Spider-Man - Volume 2 (320kbps)
Invasion Of The Dragon Men

Return of The Conquistador

The Mad Hatter Of Manhattan

The Abominable Showman

The Bells Of Doom

GI Joe (Peter Pan Records, 1973)
These files are presently being hosted by Sean Huxter, 3-D Animator. Special Thanks to him for hosting these files.

GI (Contains All 4 Tracks!)

Secret Mission to Spy Island #1965

The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb #1966

The search for the Stolen Idol #1967

Rescue From Adventure Team Headquarters #1968

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