Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Comic Books

My Brother Andrew has been busy uploading more files to website and as usual, I do my best to mirror things here on the blog. There are several pdf files of Power Records here, as well as some that we collected that are zip files of the comics containing jpg images of the comics. Enjoy!

BR-512 - Gorilla City & The Mystery of The Scarecrow Corpse.pdf
PR-27 - Stacked Cards.pdf
PR-30 - Robin Meets Man-Bat.pdf

PR-10 - Mark of The Man-Wolf.pdf
PR-24 - Invasion of The Dragon-Men.pdf

Star Trek
BR-513 - A Mirror For Futility.pdf
PR-25 - Passage To Moauv.pdf
PR-26 - The Crier In Emptiness.pdf
PR-45 - Dinosaur Planet.pdf
PR-46 - Robot Masters.pdf

Wonder Woman
BR-517 - Wonder Woman vs The War God & Amazons from Space.pdf
PR-35 - The Secret of The Magic Tiara.pdf

PR-31 - Crawler In The Mists.pdf
PR-36 - Birth of A Hero.pdf

Literary Adventures
PR-37 - Robin Hood.pdf
PR-39 - Huckleberry Finn.pdf
PR-40 - Davey Crockett.pdf
PR-41 - Robinson Crusoe.pdf
PR-42 - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.pdf

Power Records Plaza,
Power Records Pages


Fog said...

Awesome! Especially the PDFs! Thanks!

Erik said...


I'm having trouble downloading the Spider-Man Mark of the Man-Wolf mp3. It's my favorite! Plesae help!

The rest of these rule. Thank you so much for all the work you've done.