Friday, July 20, 2007

All-New: Gemini Man and Superman Albums

Here are some downloads made available by my brother Andrew. Enjoy!

Gemini Man PR-8190
The Alchemist
Double Jeopardy
The Phloem Factor
The Benevolent Victim

Superman - Volume 1 - PR-8156
Alien Creatures (192kbps)
Weatherspoon's Catalyst (192kbps)
P.O. Box 65 (192kbps)
Mystery of The Mad Minnows (192kbps)

Superman - Volume 2 - PR-8169
The Best Cop In The World (192kbps)
The Mxyzptlk Up Menace (192kbps)
Tomorrow The World (192kbps)

Superman - Volume 3 - 8211
The Man From Krypton
City Under Siege
The Killer Bees
Star Of Bagalore

1 comment:

jesyka_80 said...

if anyone is interested in purchasing a BRAND NEW, STILL SEALED, copy of the 1976 GEMINI MAN LP listed above - i have one listed on ebay - item #330275320374.

it will be up for grabs at least until the end of Nov 2008 unless someone buys it before then..