Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Invasion of the Dragon Men Movie

Ryan of Nevada has put together an "Invasion of The Dragon men" movie. I have had a look at this and I must say this is pretty impressive! There has obviously been a lot of work put into this movie and I can only hope that we will see more of these in the future. Check it out at

Invasion of The Dragon Men - Part 1
Invasion of The Dragon Men - Part 2

Special thanks to Ryan of Nevada!

threerandot (Shawn)
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Fog said...

Hey dude! I dunno who Ryan is but 'twas I that made these animations (zax93, also known as Matt from Huddersfield UK!!).

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the movies - you can see more at my read along website - the secret cavern --- check it out at www.mdp156.com/cavern/