Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Downloads updated

I have taken the time to re-upload several of the files listed on the blog that were no longer working due to inactivity. These files are 192kbps. I have also started with a new service, UploadLine.com.

Here are the revised files:

Laurel and Hardy LP
Chiller Thriller Diller
On The Move Movers
Flip-Top-Tip-Top Secrets
Lucky Ducky Buckeroos
Whipper Snapper Snoopers
Super Duper Sleuths
Close & End Theme

Wonder Woman: Prisoner of Christmas Island
Curse of The Werewolf

Robin Meets Man-Bat
Mystery of the Scarecrow's Corpse
Gorilla City
Catwoman's Revenge

Justice League
Plastic Man Song
Metamorpho Song

Five Star Final
Tourist Trap
The Prodigal Sun

The Six Million Dollar Man
The Haiti Connection
Loch Ness Syndrome

The Return of The Conquistador
Mad Hatter of Manhattan
The Abominable Showman

Special Thanks to everyone who wrote emails and notified me that there were several files no longer working. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

threerandot (Shawn)
Power Records Plaza!

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