Friday, January 27, 2006

Someone has already made a contribution to the blog. Rob of the Yahoo! Group, The Power Records Project submitted "Catwoman's Revenge" at 32kbps. This was a file that even I was looking for. I am also looking for "Robin Meets Man-Bat." Thanks a million Rob.

This blog is being created purely as way for fans of Power Records to share their mp3 files completely free.

Note: Downloads are to the right under "Links"

I have tried on several occasions to offer some of the mp3s I have made of Power Records in exchange for mp3s I have been looking for. Unfortunately, it seems the people I have asked for help have only asked me to send blank discs and cash for mp3s. What kind of sound quality would they have? Would I even get the files I want? Would I get any at all? The best policy I feel is to provide the files freely and hope people will freely share what they have. The concept here is you can simply provide a link to an mp3 and you can download an mp3 completely free. Please try to provide a sizeable bit rate, such as 128kbps if you can.

I am adding mp3s which you can download freely from It is my hope that if you have mp3s, you will make it possible for others to download what you have. So please, upload a file and while you're at it, download some, too. I only have a few uploaded at present, but will continue to add more.

As to the copyrights issue for Power Records, I would be surprised if these albums were still under copyright. However, I will be willing to remove them if the official copyright holders wish me to do so.

This is non-profit and for fun. Enjoy!


Machiventa said...

hey there, was just wondering why i see all these power records with only the audio available and not the comic scanned and available as well along with it?

i'm guessing no one either wants to take the time to scan them or simply doesn't know how.

there are scanning guides around for download (i can try and find one if anyone wants?!!)


chepo said...

someone posted the comics and mp3 as sets at, for anyone who is into newsgroups.