Monday, January 30, 2006

New: Christmas Album Added

Rob of The Power Records Project has uploaded the Christmas album which features three stories:

Batman: The Christmas Carol Caper (32kbps)
Superman: Light Up The Tree, Mr. President (32kbps)
Wonder Woman: Prisoner Of Christmas Island (32kbps)

The files are all rated as 32kbps. If someone can pass along the files at a higher rate, that would be great. Special thanks to Rob for passing them along


Ben T. said...

I have the Songs and Stories of The Justice League available thru my blog (
in 192 kbps

here's a direct rapidshare link:

does anybody have the Aquaman, WonderWoman, and Flash songs that were added to the limited CD re-issue of that justice league album?


Well, I have many versions of the WONDER WOMAN theme and the filmation introductions to FLASH and AQUAMAN cartoons. I also have some additional AQUAMAN, FLASH, and GREEN LANTERN stories on a CD, but I'm not sure about their titles. They seem to all be their origin stories.

I also have the FANTASTIC 4 stories that were a syndicated radio series 3 decades ago.