Sunday, December 02, 2007

More updated Files for your downloading pleasure

New Files!
The Adventures of Holo-Man - Birth of A Hero.mp3
Shazam - The Mighty Doctor Illusion.mp3

Ghostly Sounds!
These two albums are presented here in two seperate zip files for your Halloween enjoyment!
(8145) Ghostly
(S343) Ghostly Sounds - A Haunting

Updated Files
Gemini Man
The Alchemist
Double Jeopardy
The Phloem Factor
The Benevolent Victim

Space 1999 - Volume 1
Death's Other Dominion
Mission Of The Darians

Star Trek - Volume 1
Passage To Maouv (320kbps)
In Vino Veritas (192kbps)
The Crier In Emptiness (320kbps)

Star Trek - Volume 2
The Time Stealer (192kbps)
To Starve A Fleaver (192kbps)
Logistics Of Stampede (192kbps)
A Mirror For Futility (192 kbps)

Star Trek - Volume 3
The Man Who Trained Meteors
The Robot Masters
Dinosaur Planet
The Human Factor


solcofn said...

Thanks! I ahve been looking for these Star Trek Stories for years!

LyingBastard said...

Should update link on main page for "The Robot Masters".

And THANKS for these!!!

LyingBastard said...

Oops - meant "Dinosaur Planet"

Hodo said...

Hi, thanks for these! I got pdfs of the Star Trek stories on the GIT complete comic book collection, but it's good to hear the audio too. Unfortunately, the link for Dinosaur Planet doesn't work...can we get that to listen to as well? Thanks!

Hallowicious said...

Hi..i also have all the star trek power records mp3's in high qual..can you put a link by yours, to my site for networking?...thanks