Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bionic Man Album

I just recieved an email a few days ago, pointing out that we had neglected to add the first Six Million Dollar Man LP (8166) to the website and the blog. So, for your downloading and listening pleasure, we present the following... Thanks to my brother for once again maintaining the audio for the website and the blog. Each file is rated at 320kbps. Enjoy!

The Birth of The Bionic Man
Bionic Berserker
The Man From The Future
The Iron Heart


Waymoby said...

The links on "Media Fire" are currently not working, not sure if it's their site or what?

The Inspector said...

I just want to say that this website has really brought back some great memories. I've really been enjoying listening to these old productions. I have a general question: is there any way to download the files as MP3s? It seems that many of them are quicktime files which are only listenable online. I would love to be able to download them.

The Inspector said...

I figured it out! Yay!!!

Brian said...

Thank you so much for posting these files. I owned so many of these as a child only to have lost them over the years. They really bring back some great memories. Those these recordings may not have a place on the market shelf, you have done a great job in keeping them "alive" for us.


john said...

omg! this is a god-send!!!

The Wolfmen said...

Plenty of catching up to do on this blog - some great stuff going on

Unknown said...

I had a lot of these recordings as a kid and lost them over the years. Although I still have some of the records, it's great to catch up on the ones that are missing! This is a great site!!

Marvin said...

And it's not that awful rapidshare where you gotta wait 15 minutes between a download. I had this and people complained to no end, so I dumped it. Now the world is happy and I'll be richer a lot faster

JR Todd said...

Thanks for sharing these files. They bring back a lot of memories and in fact I believe I still have some of these records packed away somewhere.

DonsSword said...

Wow--I just found this site after plaidstallions.blogspot.com had a post about Peter Pan records merchandising.

Thanks so much for archiving all of this--these were so much a part of my childhood. I owned these, my brother owned these, our friends owned these, we gave them as birthday presents, Xmas presents, we bought them with our allowance, and it has been so sad to think that these were lost forever.

Thanks a million!!!!!

Burnham said...


Just listened to Robin Meets Man-Bat... haven't heard that in at least 15 years. Thanks!

I've got a VERY nebulous memory of a Power Records-ish read-along storybook and I'm wondering if you can help me out... It's a sci-fi story that kinda reminds me of The Black Hole. All I can really remember (and my memory might be pretty faulty) is that at the end the bad guy is left tied up or trapped in some sort of energy wings or whips... kinda like, curved versions of light savers. And I wanna say he's somewhat left for dead... the heroes want to save him but he's sealed his own fate... something like that. Any idea what it might be?

I think someone had dubbed two 45s onto one cassette for me... the other side had a different unrelated sci-fi story... maybe it had a dinosaur in it... and maybe some sort of floating bubble. The music was VERY 70s prog rock inspired... the first time I heard the beginning of Elton John's Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding I said "Holy shit! It sounds just like that read-along storybook!"

Thanks in advance... it would really mean the world to me if you could point me in the right direction.

Maddie said...

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about a broken link on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.



pil head said...

what a wonderful piece of work you have put together- Thank you. I was hoping that you could please reload the Six Million Dollar Man pdf as the link is dead,


pil head said...

what a wonderful piece of work you have put together- Thank you. I was hoping that you could please reload the Six Million Dollar Man pdf as the link is dead,


Henry said...

all links that are dead from this site needs a fresh re-up immediately.

Please e-mail me at theultimatecooper@gmail.com


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