Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Files!

Things just keep getting better here at the Power Records Plaza

Chris of the Power Records Project at the Yahoo Groups has kindly made this link available for downloading the following Star Trek Story:
In Vino Veritas (192kbps)

Special thanks to Chris!
Also, I have added a Superman album at 128kbps for each file. Links can be found at the bottom of the list to the right:

The Man From Krypton
City Under Siege
The Killer Bees
Star Of Bagalore


New Albums

I continue to add new albums to the blog. Look below for:

The Hulk
Six Million Dollar Man
Space 1999 Volume 1
Space 1999 Volume 2
Planet Of The Apes Volume 1
Planet Of The Apes Volume 2

I actually picked up the Space 1999 Volume 1 from www.space1999.net and the Planet of The Apes files from a site dedicated to the Planet of The Apes. Thanks to those who provided these files

Monday, January 30, 2006

New: Christmas Album Added

Rob of The Power Records Project has uploaded the Christmas album which features three stories:

Batman: The Christmas Carol Caper (32kbps)
Superman: Light Up The Tree, Mr. President (32kbps)
Wonder Woman: Prisoner Of Christmas Island (32kbps)

The files are all rated as 32kbps. If someone can pass along the files at a higher rate, that would be great. Special thanks to Rob for passing them along

Sunday, January 29, 2006

High Quality Bat-Man LP

Jason of the Power Records Project Yahoo! group was generous enough to pass along this high quality zip file (63.6MB) of the complete Bat-Man album containing the following tracks:

1. Robin Meets Man-Bat
2. Mystery Of The Scarecrow's Corpse
3. Gorilla City
4. Catwoman's Revenge (also includes the Batman Theme Reprise)

Each track has been converted to MP3 at 192kbps for quality sound. Here is the link:

Batman LP

When you get to rapidshare.de to download the file you must click "free" at the bottom of the page and wait for the countdown and follow the instructions.

I am also going to upload the album as individual MP3 to www.yourfilelink.com under the "Batman" heading at the right for those who wish to download each file indvidually.

Special Thanks again, Jason

New file: Robin Meets Man-Bat

I just recieved another MP3 courtesy of Rob of the Yahoo! Group, The Power Records Project. All of the files listed here are rated at 128 kbps except for "Robin Meets Man-Bat" and "Catwoman's Revenge", which are both at 32kbps. Much thanks to Rob for this. If anyone can pass along a higher rated version, it would be appreciated. But it's great to have these versions. Thanks again, Rob!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have added several new files to the blog. You will see them to the right, including a complete album "Laurel and Hardy" from the Peter Pan Records label. All files are 128kbps. Please feel free to pass along any files you have that are not posted here. I am still adding more so keep checking back.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Someone has already made a contribution to the blog. Rob of the Yahoo! Group, The Power Records Project submitted "Catwoman's Revenge" at 32kbps. This was a file that even I was looking for. I am also looking for "Robin Meets Man-Bat." Thanks a million Rob.

This blog is being created purely as way for fans of Power Records to share their mp3 files completely free.

Note: Downloads are to the right under "Links"

I have tried on several occasions to offer some of the mp3s I have made of Power Records in exchange for mp3s I have been looking for. Unfortunately, it seems the people I have asked for help have only asked me to send blank discs and cash for mp3s. What kind of sound quality would they have? Would I even get the files I want? Would I get any at all? The best policy I feel is to provide the files freely and hope people will freely share what they have. The concept here is you can simply provide a link to an mp3 and you can download an mp3 completely free. Please try to provide a sizeable bit rate, such as 128kbps if you can.

I am adding mp3s which you can download freely from www.yourfilelink.com. It is my hope that if you have mp3s, you will make it possible for others to download what you have. So please, upload a file and while you're at it, download some, too. I only have a few uploaded at present, but will continue to add more.

As to the copyrights issue for Power Records, I would be surprised if these albums were still under copyright. However, I will be willing to remove them if the official copyright holders wish me to do so.

This is non-profit and for fun. Enjoy!